Side To Side Hops Exercise Step-by-Step and Benefits

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Side To Side Hops, also known as Plank ski hops, are a powerful exercise that combines cardio and core for a single, solid and effective cardio move!

Side To Side Hops great for getting the heart rate up and primary muscles work abs, obliques, legs, glutes and hips.

In this exercise not only will you feel your abs, but you’ll get your heart rate up and burn some calories in the process. The turning movement of the jump will challenge your strength and stamina.

In general, an exercise will burn about 100 calories for every 10 minutes you work out. You’ll get a solid burn with Side To Side Hops because your heart rate will be so high! It all depends on how hard you work.

Benefits of Side To Side Hops (Plank Ski Hops)

The exercise performed from a plank position. Holding the plank strengthens the shoulder and arm muscles. Additionally, the extra movement of your lower body adds more resistance and challenge to your shoulder girdle!

It work multiple muscles at once, helping you burn more calories, increasing aerobic fitness and boosting your metabolism. This movement strengthens the core muscles and improves posture, flexibility and agility.

The movement in this exercise is primarily done with the core muscle strength. Jumping legs to one side requires you to activate and draw in the core muscles. 100 crunches can’t touch just a handful of Side To Side Hops for the core!

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It’s a unique way to improve your cardiovascular system by using your body weight and core strength to move your lower body. This exercise is unique because it is a plyometric move performed from a plank position. This is a great alternative to jumping that you can incorporate into any workout.

How To Do Side To Side Hops (Plank Ski Hops)?

  • Begin squatting low, with your both palms pressing firmly into the floor.
  • Engage the core and, keeping your both feet glued together, hop both feet to the right side of the hands.
  • Take a deep inhale, and on the exhale, hop to the left.
  • Repeat back and forth for the duration of the interval set.

Pro Tip

  • Engage your core, keeping your hips neutral. Keep your back, head and neck neutral.
  • Exhale as you jump and bring both legs to the front and exhale as you return to plank position.

Try it out

This is an amazing exercise that will give you results on its own! However, increase your difficulty level by doing the following exercise in one of these popular exercises. It will build your whole body strength, leg strength, core strength, balance and stability and flexibility.

Try it out! So now you have climbers and rolls, burpees, jumping (lungs, ropes), high knees, air jacks and plank jacks to mountain climbers to incorporate into your daily exercise routine.

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